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New Defender

The Land Rover Defender. A classic and an icon rolled into one. But with the new model growing more and more popular in recent months, how do the two compare and which one is the obvious choice; new or old?

Let’s weigh in on this and look at how they compare, to give a clear picture of the similarities, the differences, and which is the best buy, or investment.

Defender (L663)

New Defender

We will kick off with the new iteration of the Land Rover Defender. Introduced properly to the world in 2019, after a long-anticipated wait and a whole lot of speculation. The new Land Rover Defender does in fact share a little DNA with its predecessor but can be more likened to the modern Discovery, and it even parts from sister brand, Jaguar.

With petrol, hybrid and diesel options to choose from, the new Defender certainly spoils us for choice, and not just in the fuel and power arena, either. Kitted out with top tech inside the cabin, complete with a ten-inch infotainment screen, countless driver assist functions and plenty of surprises along the way too. This is a whole different ball game for not only the Defender but for Land Rover cars in general, with the most advanced technology inside that the brand has ever seen.

Trims, there is a whole range of those too, with customers being able to choose the level of luxury and the finish on many parts and accessories, with S, SE and HSE trims available to pick and choose from.

The new Defender offers luxury and performance to boot, available in the classic 90 and 110 configurations, with whispers of a commercial 130 coming to the market as well.

So, after all that, what does a classic Defender bring to the table? A lot more than you think.

The Traditional Defender

Traditional Defender

The traditional Land Rover Defender is known for rugged design features, modular panels and an almost ‘DIY’ and ‘Fix it yourself’ attitude, that not only the nation, but the world, has come to know and love.

They’re not known for speed and they’re certainly not known for tech, designed as working vehicles with function over frivolity in every aspect of design. The cabin is spacious and there is nothing unnecessary in there, even in the models made right up until the end of production in 2016.

Vehicles that have served farmers, families, the Military and a whole host of others over the years, the Defender is rooted into our heritage and has been responsible for many an adventure.

The Verdict

So, do you choose the modern design with tech and speed built-in, or an older car that has seen some serious things over the years and offers up a slower pace of life, with a hidden power inside?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. For farm life and towing, adventure and off-roading, we would be inclined to steer you towards an older Defender. When we say older, we mean from 2016 working backwards, but a model that is synonymous with what we know and love about Defenders, with all the charm and stability packed inside.

However, if you’re looking for style and grace, ease and a solid design, the new model is the one we would look towards. While it is different, to say the least, the new iteration of the Defender has its own set of qualities that we would happily call upon in our day to day car. The feeling of a sat nav right at the end of your fingertips, a level of connectivity we have previously only dreamed of, and the ability to tackle rolling hills and valleys alike sounds like a good idea to us.

Any Defender is a privilege to own, as we are sure you know, so whatever you decide to opt for, we will be here with a stellar range of accessories and parts to make your Defender’s life a happy and healthy one. Shop our range here, and photos of Landy’s are always, always welcome! You can share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram, we’d love to here from you!

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