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Remoulded Tyres vs New Tyres

As the days are getting wetter and temperatures are plummeting, ensuring your 4×4 tyres are in prime condition will ensure they’re equipped to deal with the punishing nature of off-roading without stopping the fun! If yours are in need of replacing, it can be hard to decide between the overwhelming amount of options available.

Tyre Retreading

When it comes to 4×4 tyres, we know you want the very best. But of course, we know that budget is a big driving factor too. We are often asked what’s the difference between new 4×4 tyres and remoulded 4×4 tyres? Today, we’ll aim to answer that in order to help you make a decision when it comes to purchasing 4×4 tyres for your Land Rover.

What Are Remoulded 4×4 Tyres?

First of all: what exactly are remoulded 4×4 tyres?

Remoulded 4×4 tyres, or retread tyres, are 4×4 tyres that are made using existing tyres with worn treads. They are created by stripping away the remaining tyre tread and sidewalls before new rubber is added to create a new, roadworthy 4×4 tyre.

Are remoulded tyres safe?

We can totally understand why some people baulk at the thought of remoulded 4×4 tyres. While they are essentially second-hand tyres, they are heavily regulated and required to pass tyre type approval tests before they go on the market.

You can distinguish remoulded tyres that have gone through the relevant testing and met regulations from the “e” mark on them. This shows that the tyres have been made in accordance with ECE regulation 108 and 109 and, therefore, are road safe.

How are remoulded tyres made?

Remoulded tyres start with a casing (sometimes ominously referred to as a carcass) that is, first and foremost, thoroughly inspected for previous irreparable structural damage to either the tyre or its steel components that is considered dangerous.

If both the casing and steel components are inspected and deemed fit for re-treading, then the tread and the sides of the casing are buffed to remove excess rubber and any imperfections. If patching is required, rubber cement compound if used to achieve this and is then sealed to remove air bubbles. New rubber is then used to build the tyre up to the minimum tread depth and applied to the sides of the tyre then pressure and head is applied to create the imprint of the tyre.

What are the benefits of remoulded 4×4 tyres?

One of the most obvious benefits of remoulded 4×4 tyres is the price. On average, you can save around 25% when you choose remoulded over brand new tyres, which is a significant saving! As well as this, if you’re environmentally conscious then remoulded tyres are most definitely the planet-saving solution you’ve been looking for. Remoulded tyres only require around 30% of the natural resources needed to make new tyres. What’s more, remoulded tyres reduce the amount of rubber and casings sent to landfill.

Are there any disadvantages to remoulded tyres?

There’s much debate about how well remoulded tyres measure up against their new counterparts, especially in terms of durability and performance. In many areas, remould tyres match the performance of their new counterparts with significant savings. However, in some cases, remoulded tyres may have a shorter mileage before they are replaced, in comparison to new tyres

Are remoulded tyres popular?

Yes, remoulded tyres are a popular choice, particularly for trucks and buses. In fact, many major tyre manufacturers now specifically design their tyres to be remoulded in the future. Remoulded tyres are also heavily used in the aviation industry. So, if they’re good enough for aeroplanes then they’re good enough for your Land Rover or Range Rover!

4×4 Tyres from John Craddock

Here at John Craddock Ltd, we supply a wide range of new and remoulded 4×4 tyres of the highest quality for Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. On our website, you will find tyres from world-renowned tyre manufacturers including Avon Tyres, BF Goodrich, Classic Tyres, Cooper Tires, General Tire, Goodyear, InsaTurbo tires, Radar tyres and Pirelli.

If you’re unsure of the best tyres for your needs, our Tyre Finder tool is on hand to help you. Alternatively, our team of Land Rover experts are on hand to answer your questions and would even be happy to fit your new 4×4 tyres at our HQ in Cannock, Staffordshire. Contact us to find out more.

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