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New Defender 2020

By far, one of the most exciting parts of getting a new car is adding your own stamp to it in the form of accessories. While the new Land Rover Defender is jam packed with up-to-the minute technology ready to be explored, the simple pleasure of placing your own carefully chosen accessories inside and on the vehicle is an enduring one we’ll certainly never tire of!

If you are lucky enough to have gotten your hands on the new 2020 Defender, here at John Craddock we have a wide range of new Defender parts and accessories to help you pimp your ride in style. In this article, we’ll look at some of our newest additions to the line up of high-quality Defender accessories we have to give you an idea of how you can truly make your new vehicle your own.

Defender 90 and 110 Classic Mudflaps

Defender 90 & 110 (2020) Classic Mudflaps

With the above in mind, why not start with mudflaps? A must-have accessories, they prevent dirt and grim from reaching the most sensitive parts of your defender and shield the undercarriage from the worst of the elements.

As well as being practical, these classic mud flaps also look the part, giving your Land Rover Defender the rugged off-road look you think of when you envision these iconic vehicles. Here at John Craddock, you can buy both the front and rear Defender 90 & 110 mud flaps for your new 2020 vehicle.

Defender 110 (2020) Rubber Mat Set

Protecting the interior of your vehicle is just as important as the outside. Who wants muddy footprints spoiling the carpets of their car at the best of times? If you’re an off-road enthusiast or enjoy getting active, it’s a foregone conclusion that you will trail mud into your Defender, but a robust set of rubber mats can help to minimise the mess while enhancing the interior.

To help with this we offer a set of branded rubber mats for the 5-seat Defender 2020. Not only do they fit snugly in the footwell of your car and protect against dirt and water, they also add a premium look to the finish of your interior.

Defender 90 2020 Rubber Loadspace Mat

Defender 90 (2020) Rubber Loadspace Mat

If the boot of your vehicle gets a lot of use, then it’s likely to get dirty and scuffed over time. With the help of a loadspace mat, you can minimise the risk of any lasting damage or mess to your Defender while providing more grip for your items.

What we love in particular about this loadspace mat is its rubber flap which can be pulled down before you put things inside to help you slide heavy boxes into the space without damaging the bumper of the car.

Defender 110 (2020) Semi-Rigid Loadspace Protector

Just like the above Defender 90 loadspace mat, this semi-rigid loadspace protector provides added protection to your boot for whatever you throw at it. This handy addition to your vehicle is semi-rigid so will provide more support, particularly if you plan to put heavy things such as storage boxes, mini fridges or sports equipment in your loadspace. It also features ridges for extra grip to ensure none of your essentials move about much, particularly on tougher terrains.

Semi Rigid Loadspace Protector
Defender 110 2020 Expedition Roof Rack

Defender 110 (2020) Expedition Roof Rack

A roof rack is essential for extended roof carrying capability, and the Defender 110 expedition roof rack is ready for anything. Made from anodised aluminium rails set in a cast alloy powder-coated black frame, the bespoke design fits directly to the roof rails without impeding the opening function of the sunroof. It features T-track bars to allow for a variety of items to be attached and boasts an aerodynamic design which doesn’t impede on performance and minimises road noise.

Shop Defender 2020 Accessories With Us Today

Here at John Craddock, we stock a wide range of Defender 2020 accessories ranging from exterior parts for enhanced off-road protection to interior accessories to give your vehicle a premium, finished look. All of these fantastic items are available to buy from us today online with worldwide delivery no matter where you are. For more information regarding delivery or ordering from us, please explore our shop or contact us directly. We’d be delighted to help!

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