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Australian winter

Now that we’re just about to hit April, we’re starting to get into Winter. No matter where you are, that means one of two things – cold days and dark nights or dark days and cold nights. Luckily, we here at John Craddock have got everything you need to make travelling around in your Land Rover a breeze this winter. 

Scroll below for 4 accessories that you should definitely consider picking up this winter. 


Australia doesn’t have as harsh a winter as some places. We don’t normally get snow, like a lot of places do. What we do get, though, is a dark night. A really dark night. 

Let’s say, for example,  that you’re a fella who lives out in the country. You may use your Landy as part of your job, or you might just use it to get it around. Either way, you have a Land Rover and you don’t spend a lot of time under a lot of bright neon lights. One day you’re out in your Land Rover and your visibility is down to almost nothing. You put your lights on, but that barely  helps. There’s a big risk from driving like that. 

So why not avoid that risk by taking your lighting game to the next level? 

At John Craddock, we carry a wide variety of lights, suitable for pretty much every model of Land Rover. Our range includes products from some of the premier lighting manufacturers on the market – including ARB.

But if you want to take your lighting to the next level, you should take a look at Lazer’s range of lightbars. Lazer’s range of lighting products are first-class in their category, and they’re bright enough to see through even the thickest fog. 

Purchase some new lights today. 

Floor Mats 

Of course, the weather during the winter isn’t great. It’s not hostile in the same way that snow can be, but it still wears down the floor mats easily enough. So now would be the ideal time to pick up some new floor mats for the winter period. At John Craddock, we carry a wide range of floor mats, suitable for pretty much every kind of Land Rover out there. 

Our range includes both rubber and material options, meaning that you can style your Land Rover your way. 

Light Guards 

To protect your Land Rover’s light from potential damage, you should look into buying light guards. These are simple additions to your Land Rover’s chassis that go over your Land Rover’s lights, creating a physical but opaque barrier between your lights and anything that they could potentially come into contact with. We have a wide range of light guards in our catalogue, suitable for every model of Land Rover.  

Winter, with its lower than usual levels of light, is the perfect time of year to outfit your Land Rover. John Craddock’s catalogue carries a wide range of light guards suitable for every model of Land Rover – everything from the Series 1 to the Land Rover Defender L663. 

Order your light guards today and protect your lights this winter! 

Seat Covers

As with Floor Mats, the winter has a habit of wearing out seat covers quickly, due to the wind and rain. This is particularly true if you have real leather seat covers – which don’t react well to moisture. In order to keep your Land Rover’s seat covers looking good all year round, it’s a good idea to pick up a second set just for the winter. 

John Craddock carries a wide variety of seat covers, suitable for every make and model of Land Rover. Our range of seat covers come in a wide variety of colours and styles, from basic to waterproof. This gives you an added layer of customizability while protecting your Land Rover. 

Land Rover Parts and Accessories From John Craddock

John Craddock carries a wide variety of Land Rover spares, parts and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a steering wheel for a Range Rover Velar or a spare wheel for a Range Rover Sport L494, we have everything you could possibly need.

Since our company’s founding in 1970, John Craddock has had one goal: to provide our clients with the best quality Land Rover parts and accessories possible. That goal, as well as our commitment to customer satisfaction, has led to us growing into the largest independent supplier of Land Rover parts, spares, and accessories in the world. 

We still follow that goal today. As a result of that, our wide range of genuine land rover parts and accessories have been sourced from only high-quality suppliers. This ensures that our clients only receive the best quality products available.

For more information about our range of Land Rover accessories, spares and parts,, contact John Craddock today. 

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