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With our theme for April’s edition of the John Craddock magazine being all about classic Land Rover’s, this month we want to focus on parts and accessories for military Land Rover’s in our latest round-up.

Land Rover and the armed forces have been closely linked throughout the brand’s history. This is unsurprising considering the off-road performance of many Land Rover vehicles and their ability to withstand harsh terrains and unforgiving weather conditions. In fact, each generation of the Land Rover Series has seen service in at least one division of the armed forces and today the custom-made military Land Rover closely resembles the shape and look of the Defender.

Military Accessories Of The Month For April 2021

At John Craddock, we get to see more than our fair share of ex-military Land Rovers coming through the workshop. Each one brings its own exciting story and history with it, which is part and parcel of the thrill of owning one. This month, we’re going to take a look at some unmissable military Land Rover parts and accessories, all of which you can buy online today from John Craddock.

Bridge Plate For Military Vehicles

Bridge plates were used on vehicles from World War II to show the weight and weight classification of a vehicle. This was then used to gauge whether a vehicle could safely cross a bridge. They were originally affixed to the right front fender or next to the right front headlamp. This bridge plate for military Land Rovers helps owners add authentic-looking bridge markings to their vehicle with ease.

For more military specific parts, please take a look at our Land Rover Military Parts page.

Bridge Plate For Military Vehicles
Wing Mirror Arm For Wolf


Wing Mirror Arm For The Land Rover Wolf

The Land Rover Wolf was introduced in 1994 and quickly became a symbol of British forces, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. To help you preserve the original aesthetic of this iconic vehicle, we have 11” wing mirror arms for sale that are made specifically for the military Land Rover Wolf vehicle.


30 Amp Circuit Breaker For Wolf Ambulance

Finding specific parts for military Land Rover vehicles can be hard to find, which is frustrating when you want to get your vehicle operational. To help you get up and running, we have a wide range of military specific Land Rover parts and accessories including this 30 amp circuit breaker for Land Rover 130 Defender Wolf RHD Ambulance. 

Circuit Breaker 30 Amp For Wolf Ambulance


Land Rover Military 101 1 Tonne User Manual

Our reprint of the Military Land Rover 101 1 Tonne Forward Control user manual features 196 fully illustrated pages to help you know the ins and outs of the 101 Forward Control. It’s the ideal gift for any Land Rover enthusiast and the perfect choice for anyone looking to restore one of Land Rover’s military 101 vehicles to its former glory.


Wiper Blade 101 Forward Control

Functioning wiper blades are essential for using your 101 Forward Control in all weather conditions. We have a wide variety of wiper blades for Land Rover military vehicles as well as wiper tubes, washers, electric pumps, drive cables and much more to help you get your vehicle in tip top condition with your restoration efforts.

Wiper Blade For 101 Forward Control

Military Land Rover Parts & Accessories

Here at John Craddock, we stock a wide range of military Land Rover parts and accessories that are perfect for classic car and military enthusiasts looking to restore their vehicles. Our team are passionate about all things Land Rover related, so you’ll find lots of information about Land Rover military vehicles and their parts here on our website. That being said, if you can’t find the specific part you are looking for, please contact us. We can draw on our extensive list of contacts to find the part you are searching for and deliver it straight to your door, no matter where you are in the world.

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