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Lucas Classic 4x4 Parts Range

Founded over 100 years ago, Lucas Industries began life as a manufacturer of pressed metal merchandise, such as plant pot holders and buckets. In the early 1900s, however, Lucas branched out into producing automotive electrical components like alternators, windscreen wipers, lighting and starter motors.

This change in direction proved to be a rip-roaring success for Lucas. Since those early days, Lucas has gone on to become the oldest continually trading automotive brand in the world, leading the pack in terms of component manufacture and supply for both OE and the aftermarket.

Lucas In The 21st Century

At John Craddock, we reckon that 147 years in the industry gives a manufacturer a pretty good knowledge of vehicles both past, present and (probably) future! Jump in almost any vehicle produced in the 20th century and you’d be hard pressed not to find Lucas OE content inside, either within the electrics, diesel or braking systems. In fact, many vehicles today still feature components created by Lucas, proving they are very much still at the top of their game.In 2021, Lucas wants to celebrate their heritage with a new range of classic parts that are specifically made for restorers, workshops and classic vehicle owners keen to keep their cars true to their original specifications. The Classic parts are reproduced from original tooling and re-manufactured and re-engineered to original Lucas standards by trained experts.

In short, the Lucas Authentic Classic Range of Land Rover parts are the first port of call for classic car enthusiasts that are passionate about authenticity.

2021 Lucas Authentic Classic Land Rover Parts

We are thrilled to stock high quality Lucas Classic Land Rover parts here on our website. The new Authentic Classic range features a wide range of automotive components suitable for Land Rover Series 1, 2 and 3, the 90 and 110, Discovery, Defender Series, 101 Forward Control, military vehicles, Range Rover Classic and more!

Their catalogue includes a range of ignition switches, light switches, wiper switches and toggles, warning lights, lenses, sensors, steering locks, shock absorbers, and more!

Discover Authentic Land Rover Parts With John Craddock

At John Craddock Ltd, we are proud to be the world’s leading supplier of Land Rover parts, spares and accessories. Since 1970, we have been helping owners and enthusiasts both restore their classic vehicle and upgrade their newer models, whether that be for off-roading antics or just for the pure pleasure of it.

Now, in 2021, we are proud to continue in our mission to provide the most high-quality Land Rover parts to enthusiasts the world over.

To find out more, browse our website and take a look at the extensive range of Land Rover parts, components and accessories we have available, including the Lucas Authentic Classic range. Alternatively, our experts are always happy to talk about all things Land Rover and Range Rover with fellow hobbyists and fans, so please do contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.

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