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Camping Essentials

Summer is not far away and this year it’s likely that many of us will be holidaying in the UK. And that can only mean one thing. Yes, that’s right – camping! But after a year of spent in storage, you might find your current camping equipment is a little worse for wear. But don’t worry, here at John Craddock we stock a wide range of camping equipment to get you expedition ready and raring to go.

Our Top Camping Equipment & Accessories

We don’t need to tell you that Land Rovers are great vehicles for exploring the great outdoors. And if you want to extend your trip for the weekend or longer, they’re well equipped to carry all your camping equipment. What’s more, there are a number of camping accessories specifically made for Land Rover vehicles.

In this article, we’ll look at Land Rover camping essentials to get you ready for summer camping trips and expeditions in style.

4×4 Awnings

We all know the rules. The first step to survival, after food and water, is shelter. And expedition travel awnings quite literally have you covered!

There are a wide range of awnings available and suitable for 4×4 vehicles from big name brands such as Front Runner and ARB. These range from simple but effective waterproof touring awnings which provide enhanced UV protection to deluxe awning rooms complete with floor for happy campers who like to enjoy the finer things in life!

Whether you’re just looking for a sheltered place to rehydrate after a white-knuckle adventure or want to kit out your ride for a luxurious camping experience with an annexe awning which attaches to your rooftop tent, we think they’re a must have for anyone who enjoy the great outdoors!

Expedition Travel Tents

Next up, tents! After getting your initial shelter sorted, it’s time to sort somewhere to sleep. And who says you have to be content with hunkering down on the cold, hard ground?

Rooftop tents are a must-have accessory for individuals serious about camping. These types of tents are super-easy to put up and take back down again, which is perfect if you travel around a lot. They’re also more comfortable as many feature mattress-like padding to guarantee a good night’s sleep high up off the ground!

Travel Fridges

When you’re hitting the trails, hiking or just exploring the path less trodden, sustenance is needed to keep your energy levels high. Enter: the travel fridge. We think travel fridges and freezers are a camping must-have for many reasons. Depending on your next adventure, it can keep a range of protein-packed snacks and water cool to make sure you’re refreshed and energised throughout the drive.

Having a fridge with you on the trails is convenient, especially if you want to immerse yourself in an off-road experience. These handy camping accessories come in a range of different capacities (from 35 litres upwards and many can be tied down to prevent your snacks from slip sliding all over the shop as you’re off-roading.

Camping Chairs

So, you’ve got the fridge fully stocked, your rooftop tent ready for a cosy night’s sleep and an awning to provide shelter from the elements…now what? Where you’re going to sit of course!
Your camping preparation simply isn’t complete without a camping char to get comfy in as you marvel at the views.

There are a wide range of sport and camping chairs available here at John Craddock from ARB, Front Runner, Locker, and much more. Each of these sturdy, portable chairs are ideal for taking along with you on your next trip, whether you need to rest your weary legs for a while or just sit back, relax and enjoy the ambience of the great outdoors!

4×4 Camping Essentials From John Craddock

Here at John Craddock, we stock a wide range of 4×4 camping essentials to make your next expedition comfortable and enjoyable. Shop online with us today to get your camping equipment fit for purpose in readiness for the warm summer weather!

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