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XS Expedition Storage Box

When you’re on an expedition, staying organised and keeping your equipment protected should be one of your main priorities. With so much equipment to keep on top of, from camping equipment and food supplies to your camera, winch and much more, it’s crucial to have a main point of storage for everything not just allow for easy access when you need it but also to make the most of the space within the interior of your vehicle.

So, how to stay on top of things? Our biggest tip when it comes to organise storage for your 4×4 is to contain everything! Rather than throw everything in and hope your hand finds it when it reaches for it, having clearly marked, robust storage boxes to hand is the way forward in packing for expedition success.

Introducing Britpart XS Expedition Storage Boxes

XS Expedition Storage Boxes from Britpart are a fantastic choice when it comes to organising your equipment. These durable, stackable storage containers are made from super tough black high density polyethylene plastic that keeps all your equipment safely out of the way no matter the terrain you’re taking on!

What’s more, these boxes can be stacked on top of each other to help you save space in your vehicle. The base of each box fits firmly on top of the lid to ensure that all your equipment stays firmly in place during transit with minimal risk of shifting. That being said, if you really want to be sure that your stuff isn’t going anywhere, ratchet straps can be used to hold the boxes in place thanks to their rigid structure.

The beauty of these storage boxes, along with being super tough and secure, is they are big enough to hold your supplies whilst being compact enough to lift in and out of your vehicle with the help of the integrated grab handles. These clever storage boxes are also water resistant and lock tight with catches, ensuring everything is safe and sound at every point of your journey.

Shop XS Expedition Storage Boxes With John Craddock Today

XS Expedition Storage Boxes are now available to buy online from John Craddock. The current range from Britpart includes the Low Lid and High Lid variations, both of which are suited to safely and securely storing a wide range of equipment, whether it’s food and drinks to keep your energy levels high or camera equipment to capture all of your off-road excursions.

Head over to our website to buy the BritPart storage boxes alongside other Land Rover parts and accessories from John Craddock online today!

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