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We all know that using high-quality oil in our vehicles is one of the keys to keeping them in tip top condition. And any classic car enthusiast worth their salt will know that the name ‘Duckhams’ has been synonymous with British motoring since the beginning of the 20th Century.
Here at John Craddock Ltd, we are proud to stock high quality engine oil from Duckhams, which is now available to buy online from our website. In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of Duckhams and their current range of products to help you find the best engine oil available for your vehicle!

Duckhams Classic Engine Oil Combines Heritage and Innovation

Founder of Duckhams, Alexander Duckham, was a man of many talents. A chemist, businessman and early aviation pioneer, he was obsessed with solving problems relating to lubrication in vehicles. In response to this, he was the first in the UK to produce a multigrade oil. The success of this engine oil launched the company into the stratosphere and just a few years later Duckhams became one of the largest independent lubrication oil companies in the UK.
The first, and most famous, multigrade oil from Duckhams is Q20W-50. It was (and still is!) instantly recognisable thanks to its distinctive green colour and is so well loved thanks to its versatility. In recent years, Duckhams have worked tirelessly to evolve this iconic engine oil through modern blending technology to ensure cherished classic vehicles continue to run smoothly.

The Relaunch Of Duckhams Engine Oil

In 2017, the classic Duckhams Q20W-50 was relaunched at the Classic Motor Show at Birmingham NEC. The product remains true to its original mineral oil base, using the very best raw materials for a perfect combination of heritage and innovation. Creating motor oils that bring unrivalled protection and superb performance, while delivering the additional advantages of oxidation and temperature stability that hydro-finished oils give classic and vintage engines is the ultimate mission of Duckhams. But don’t fear! The product still retains the iconic green colour of the original lubricant despite its upgrades.

There’s nothing more important than keeping your Land Rover or Range Rover well-maintained. Whether you’re always out and about in your classic or like to take her out on weekend off-road expeditions, Duckhams is a first choice engine oil that will protect the inner workings of your vehicle no matter how you put her through her paces.

Buy Duckhams Motor Oil From John Craddock Ltd Today

With Duckhams Classic motor oils, keeping your favourite Series Land Rover, Defender or Range Rover Classic engine in optimum condition is easy.
Duckhams Classic Engine Oil – Q20W-50 
Available in one gallon and one litre cans, you’ll never be short of this iconic engine oil to keep your vehicle in tip top condition.
Duckhams Classic Hypoid 80W-90 Engine Oil 
Designed for manual classic and vintage gearboxes, Duckhams Classic Hypoid 80W-90 is a high quality mineral engine oil. Available in 1L cans from John Craddock Ltd today!
Order online for home delivery or call 01543 577207 for collection in-store. You can also buy Duckhams Classic motor oils directly from our shop in Cannock. Contact us for more information.

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