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Sunset with Land Rover

With the theme for this months edition of the John Craddock magazine being Summer adventures, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite go-to camping essentials which are perfect for everything from weekend getaways with friends and family through to larger, more challenging expeditions!

Must Have Camping Accessories

Land Rovers have proven to be an ideal companion for families and solo travellers around the world, regularly accompanying them for road trips and camping holidays. This doesn’t come without reason, as their superior towing capabilities and ability to withstand the toughest conditions make them perfect for tackling rugged descents and spending night after night beneath the stars.

In order to get you fully prepared for your next adventure, we’ve delved deep into our range of Land Rover accessories and picked some of our favourite camping essentials. From luxury upgrades to must have accessories to have to hand, read on to find out what we selected as our Land Rover Camping Accessories of the Month.

ARB Simpson Rooftop Tent III with Ladder and Cover

When you’re camping, one of the most important things to get right is your tent. The Simpson Rooftop Tent from ARB is one of our firm favourites. Incorporating an updated design the Series III tent boasts better strength, rigidity and water resistance. However, one of the greatest appeals that this tent offers is its location. By being placed on the roof, you can feel more secure and protected from the elements around you. With the ability to attach to either ARB’s purpose designed roof rack or suitably load-rated Thule/Rhino roof bars, it’s also quick and easy to put up.

Spacious and comfortable, all bedding can also remain inside the tent during the journey, freeing up vital storage space in the vehicle, and allowing the tent to be quickly and easily packed away.

The ARB Simpson Rooftop Tent III is compatible with the following models:

da1465 Deluxe Awning Room

Deluxe Awning Room & Floor Set

If you’ve pitched up lakeside and you’re trying to avoid the bugs or you simply want a little more shelter outside of your tent or Landy, we’ve got you covered! Our deluxe awning room and floor set can fully enclose anything from a tent to a table and chairs to ensure that no matter the weather, you can still enjoy your trip in the great outdoors.

The set is compatible with the following models:

ARB 60L Weather Proof Elements Fridge Freezer

This one is very much a luxury, but a luxury worth having. Here at John Craddock, we offer a wide variety of ARB fridges for your Land Rover. However, this 60L Weather Proof Elements Fridge Freezer has to be one of our favourites. Boasting the ability to keep over 60L’s worth of your food and drink cool or frozen on the go, this Land Rover accessory can transform how you camp forever, keeping your food fresh and the drinks cool!

ARB Camping Chairs

Rated up to 150kg, the ARB Camping Chairs combine quality with comfort. Made from a durable nylon Oxford weave, the chairs features a side pocket, additional drink holder pouch and mesh magazine pocket, meaning you can have everything you need within easy access.

The zippered storage bag features a shoulder strap making it easy to transport and is ideal for protecting the chair from dirt and dust when not in use.

ARB Compact Aluminium Camping Table

Our final accessory of the month is our ARB Compact Aluminium Camping Table. Particularly useful if you wish to cook, or eat outside during your camping trip, this table has plenty to offer. As well as being perfect for cooking and eating your dinner, a table can also provide you with a place to put your brew, book or even play a game of cards. Thanks to its ability to roll and fold, it doesn’t even take up much space.

ARB Camping Table

ARB Speedy Seal Puncture Tyre Repair Kit

When you’re on holiday, you don’t want anything to get in the way of you and your families’ fun. For that reason, we always recommend having a puncture tyre repair kit available to you for when something sharp catches your Land Rover off guard. This speedy seal repair kit from ARB includes everything you could need to repair tubeless radial or cross ply tyres, without even having to remove the tyre from the vehicle or rim. As a part of the kit, you’ll get a quality pencil type tyre gauge with dual pressure range and dual chuck, insertion and reamer tools, lubricant, additional valve accessories and much more.

You can find the full list on the product page.

Mud Tyres

Mud terrain 4×4 tyres are for the out and out off roader and can help to prevent you from getting stuck in the mud! Aggressive interlocking tread patterns with very wide voids and chunky blocks bite into mud and sand. Interior reinforcement to the sidewall reduces the risk of damage from rocks, while the super heavy tread extends over the sidewall lugs for maximum performance in extreme conditions.

If you’re looking to upgrade your tyres, you can use our handy online tyre finder to find the best deals.

Insa Turbo K2 Mud Terrain Tyre
Red Jerry Can

Jerry Cans

If you’re taking your Land Rover on extended journeys or you’re planning a spot of off-roading during your trip, jerry cans are always a handy accessory to have on board!

With 5L through to 20L options available, our jerry cans can be used to safely and securely hold water and fuel so you’re never cut short. We also offer a range of holders to secure your jerry can into place – even over the bumpiest of terrain!

Camping Land Rover Parts & Accessories

Whether you’re prepping for your next solo expedition or you’re planning a family camping trip to embrace the great outdoors, we have a huge range of camping accessories and essentials available online to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. As our team are passionate Land Rover enthusiasts too, you’ll find plenty of information across our website regarding our expedition and travel range. If you’re looking for something in particular or you’re in need of some friendly advice, give us a call today. Our team will be happy to help you with any queries including tracking down any parts that you can’t find!

Share Your Camping Adventures With Us!

If you’re hitting the trails this Summer, we’d love to see some photos of your adventures! Follow us on Instagram and tag us and we may include your photo in one of our future articles!

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