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Land Rover Defender Security

Land Rover Defender vehicle owners were warned in November to increase the security of their cars, as it seems thefts of this iconic car are on the rise, particularly in rural areas. NFU Mutual issued a statement in November 2020 which noted a sharp rise in Defender thefts across the UK following the lifting of the UK-wide summer lockdown.

According to the rural insurer, at least 4 Land Rover Defenders are being stolen every week from farmers and enthusiasts across the country. Rebecca Davidson, rural affairs specialist at NFU Mutual said: “Defenders continue to be a target for thieves and, every week, owners are waking up to find their precious Land Rovers gone – or stripped of bonnets, doors and wings.”


It seems that the black market for Land Rover Defender parts is currently booming, particularly the old-style Defenders, with a slew of these classic cars being dismantled on driveways and farmyards while unsuspecting owners are sleeping. For this reason, securing your Defender is more important than ever. Here we share our top tips for improving the security of your vehicle to deter and prevent theft.

Land Rover Defender Security

It simply isn’t possible to completely mitigate the risk of theft. However, there are a number of things you can do to lessen the likelihood of it happening, Here are our top tips for keeping your Defender safe.

Invest In A Steering Column Lock Protector

In the large majority of Land Rover Defender thefts, the steering lock is broken by removing the lock barrel. Once this has been achieved, the vehicle can be started with something as simple as a screwdriver. To prevent this from happening to your Defender, it is wise to invest in a steering column lock protector. This neat solution is strong enough to prevent the barrel being removed or the end broken, providing 24 hour protection and acting as a deterrent to any chancers who might come across your vehicle. This type of device will work in most Defenders apart from some ex-military vehicles which do not have a steering lock. Shop Steering Column Lock Protectors here.

Make Your Mark

Defenders aren’t just being stolen as whole vehicles, some are being dismantled and certain parts taken away to be sold on the black market. One way to deter thieves from attempting to do this with your vehicle is to use a forensic marking system or security marking kit. These kinds of markings will also make your vehicle and its component parts distinguishable in the event of theft, meaning there’s more chance of your vehicle being discovered.

Protect Your Wheels

Locking wheel nuts are an easy and simple way of protecting your wheels and tyres from theft. This is because, each set of locking nuts can only be opened by the key which matches the patterned indent on the nuts. Just remember to keep the key safe so you can remove them if you need to!

Track and Trace

Technology can be a fantastic way to keep track of your vehicle if it is stolen. Tracking devices such as the Skytag GPS Tracking Security Unit can easily be installed and come with a whole range of features to protect your vehicle including pinpoint GPS tracking, tamper alerts and direct police access. These devices are very small and the GPS chip can pin-point the location of your vehicle within 5 metres.

Defender Parts For Enhanced Security

Vehicle theft is never fun. Even worse when it’s your pride and joy that goes missing from the driveway. To help you protect your Defender from theft, we stock a wide range of Land Rover parts and accessories to support you in securing your vehicle, deter thieves and track your vehicle if it is stolen. To find out more, browse our website today. Alternatively, if you would like some help pinpointing the right security parts and devices for your vehicle, contact us. We’d be more than happy to help!

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