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Discovery 3 Radiator Muff

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The Discovery 3 Radiator Muff / Wading Blanket has been designed to fit to the front grill with ease.

Features and Fitting:

Hard wearing and easy to clean PVC coated quality hooding fabric.
To install, simply lift the bonnet, press down the 4 release clips as shown in the image blow and the 2 in the centre of the grill and the Grill will be released from the vehicle to enable you to fit (no tools required).
Attach the Cover at the bottom 1st with the J clip hooking over the lower lip.
Open up the flap a bit and this will make the cover easier to clip to the top lip as you have done underneath.
Ensure the cover is fitted correctly left to right, as it's easy to leave slack in the middle of the cover if not.
Now locate the grill back on the vehicle with the clips lined up and clip back into place, close the bonnet and your done.
You can now roll up the centre flap and leave open.
Do not drive any distance with the centre flap closed. The cover is designed to be closed at night or when parked to protect the radiator from extreme weather or whilst of road to stop ingress of muck, water and mud into the radiator. Always make sure that it is not causing any problems with the temperature gauge as a guide, though the product shouldn't effect this.

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