Should I Install a Safari Snorkel on my Land Rover?

Anyone familiar with off-roading will have seen plenty of Land Rovers fitted out with a Safari snorkel kit but many are undecided on  whether to invest or not. Safari snorkels are pipe-looking accessories that run from the air intake under the hood which extends upward on the side of the vehicle. The main function of the snorkel is to provide your Land Rover’s engine with cool, dry and clean air while off-roading and also to prevent water and dirt from entering the engine.

The Benefits of a Safari Snorkel

When you provide your engine with cool air you can significantly increase the amount of horsepower and improve the all round performance of your engine. Safari snorkels also feature a raised air intake to keep it free of water and mud when cross any deep streams or rivers or dirt and dust in dry areas. The design also features a water separating air ram which removes rain water from the incoming air stream ensuring safe operation in any weather conditions.


Safari snorkels will almost certainly help to improve the performance of your vehicles when off-roading, but they can also significantly extend the lifespan of your engine, especially if you regularly take you vehicle off-road. Anyone who has had to replace the engine in their Land Rover knows just how expensive it can be, making Safari snorkels a cost effective solution.

Get Your Safari Snorkel at John Craddock Today

Made in Australia, Safari snorkels have been tried and tested in the most extreme conditions, making them the number one choice for Land Rover enthusiasts all over the world. And, here at John Craddock, you will find a fantastic selection of Safari snorkels all available with free UK delivery as well as competitive worldwide shipping rates. Each one is also supplied with a comprehensive fitting guide with an accurate template for assisting with installation. Alternatively, you can visit us in Cannock and we’ll get it fitted for you.

If you would like to know more about Safari snorkels, or any of our other Land Rover parts and accessories, please feel free to contact us directly today.

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