Choosing the Right Insa Turbo Tyres for you

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to 4×4 tyre manufacturers out there and Insa Turbos are renowned for their green credentials and value for money. John Craddock has a variety of stock available, but which product is right for you?

Types of Insa Turbo Tyres

Ranger – The all rounder! If you mainly drive your Land Rover on the road but are looking for moderate off road use; this tyre grips seamlessly between the asphalt and the farm track. 50% on road/50% off road this tyre performs in the dry and the wet and in mud and snow. The tread profile reduces noise when on the road.

Sahara – 20% on road/80% off road suits the more extreme off roader. Ideal for a variety of challenging terrain, this tyre has a balanced chunky profile with self cleaning characteristics.

Special Track – Made for the off road competitor with a 5% on road/95% off road ratio these are tyres for the driver with an appetite for adventure! Wide shoulder cavities on the tread power their way through mud and snow.

Dakar – The name conjures up images of speeding across the sand and rocks of the world famous endurance rally. 20% on road/80% off road – the configuration of the deep and wide tread blocks are suited for tackling sand, mud and rocks.

Traction Track – This off road bias tyre also has a tread profile to reduce noise when driving on hard road surfaces. A 30% on road/70% off road ratio means this adaptive tyre bridges between the Ranger and the Sahara or Dakar in its terrain tackling ability.

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Being the world’s largest independent Land Rover and Range Rover specialist, here at John Craddock we can advise you on all aspects of tyre usage so that you choose the right off road tyre solution for your driving requirements. Contact us today!

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