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4x4 Remould Tyres from John Craddock Ltd

Excellent Quality 4x4 Remould Tyres

A set of 4x4 remould tyres can be a great way to equip your 4x4 with fully-functioning tyres at a discount price. Perhaps you want to test out a new specification of tyre and want to try a 'proof of concept' before you commit to the real thing? That's another perfect opportunity to take advantage of our 4x4 remould tyres here at John Craddock Ltd.

What are 4x4 remould tyres?

Remould tyres - also known as retreaded tyres - are made by using used tyres as a building block to create new ones. We strip away the remaining tread and sidewall of the used tyre and then mould new rubber to the old carcass. All of our 4x4 remould tyres are crafted to comply with all appropriate regulations.

Here at John Craddock Ltd, we have a dedicated team of staff who are committed to helping you get the perfect 4x4 parts and accessories for whatever project you might have at hand. We're here to help you pick out the perfect 4x4 remould tyres for your vehicle and are always happy to answer any questions that you might have. To get your own set of 4x4 remould tyres, you can browse our complete category of 4x4 remould tyres - or, to have any of your questions and queries answered by our team of on-site experts - get in touch!

4x4 Remould Tyres from John Craddock Ltd